Tips for Self-Publishing/Services

If you’re set on self-publishing, you don’t have to do so blindly. Here are some tips to get you started…

*Rather than allowing Amazon or Lulu assign it, purchase your own ISBN. You’ll get a greater share of the royalties and have greater control of your book.
*If you haven’t already, start utilizing a reading/writing sharing platform (like in order to build a following and get feedback on your writing. Our authors Red Harvey and E.A. Comiskey have found success and established writing contacts via Wattpad.
*Find an editor for a couple of hundred dollars, or a beta reader that may do it for free. Do not try to self-publish without first having it edited by someone else first.
*One round of editing is not enough. Try to go through 3-4 major rounds of editing, one round of copy-editing, then publish a “galley-copy” (aka print-on-demand copy from Lulu) to read over for more copy errors. Then, send it out to beta readers/reviewers before publishing
*Utilize Amazon’s pre-order feature

*Unless you’re a graphic artist, or comfortable with Photoshop, do not attempt to create your own cover. There are plenty of pre-made cover sites, where you can purchase a quality cover for less than $100 (Creative Paramita is a great example, and we’ve used her services several times).

*Petition for reviews on a weekly basis. This is what will help sell your book!

Associates at Nuff Said will also help you self-publish your work. 

*Editing fees average at $100 per 100 pages of single-spaced copy, and the turn-around time is 8-10 weeks. Subsequent rounds of editing cost a flat $60, including copy-editing.

*A custom cover will never cost you more than $100. The overall cost depends on detail/genre/image manipulation, and includes two requests for changes after receiving initial mock-copies. We also feature a pre-made gallery.

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*All payments will be made via PayPal, and accounts must be verified.

*If interested in editing or cover services, fill out the form below.