A Gray Life by Red Harvey

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

When the city falls apart, and humans become something other, three people fight to survive the New World.

Juniper Jones is an empath with a past full of love lost and death. When the city starts to crumble, she feels at home in the darkness. Her job as a prostitute makes for easy living, as she can anticipate her client’s emotions. She never imagines using her abilities to help anyone, until she meets Ashley Heard.

Ashley witnesses her father’s murder at the hands of home invaders and is forced to flee a decaying city. When she meets Juniper, she has no choice but to follow the only adult who hasn’t yet tried to kill her.

Meanwhile, a twelve-year old boy chronicles his experiences as a captive in a deranged man’s basement, all the time wondering about the fate of his friend, Ashley. Together with other captives, he plans an escape. However, once Outside, the survivors encounter monsters of a different kind.

Despite their hellish surroundings, three people manage to briefly connect in their efforts to navigate a strange and harsh New World.