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A Gray Life by Red Harvey

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When the city falls apart, and humans become something other, three people fight to survive the New World.

Juniper Jones is an empath with a past full of love lost and death. When the city starts to crumble, she feels at home in the darkness. Her job as a prostitute makes for easy living, as she can anticipate her client’s emotions. She never imagines using her abilities to help anyone, until she meets Ashley Heard.

Ashley witnesses her father’s murder at the hands of home invaders and is forced to flee a decaying city. When she meets Juniper, she has no choice but to follow the only adult who hasn’t yet tried to kill her.

Meanwhile, a twelve-year old boy chronicles his experiences as a captive in a deranged man’s basement, all the time wondering about the fate of his friend, Ashley. Together with other captives, he plans an escape. However, once Outside, the survivors encounter monsters of a different kind.

Despite their hellish surroundings, three people manage to briefly connect in their efforts to navigate a strange and harsh New World.

More Things in Heaven and Earth by E.A. Comiskey

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She’s taking advice from angels, but even angels aren’t all-knowing.

Simone has been a Christian for a long time. Her faith has helped her build a perfectly normal life. After years of struggling against the voices that only she could hear, a normal life is all she really wanted. But when an angelic being approaches her with a plea to intercede between mankind and those who are “other” her eyes are opened to the fact that her idea of God and creation have been far too small.

When society crumbles and the very heavens quake with rumors of war, Simone must learn for herself exactly what price is paid by a human who assumes to speak for God.

Chasing Butterflies by Rod Martinez

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Devastation is coming, not just for Palm Creek, Florida – a small town just a few miles from Cape Kennedy and N.A.S.A. – but eventually – it could destroy the entire eastern Florida coast if it isn’t stopped. A predator with mysterious origins and no understanding of its inherent danger is on the prowl with seemingly nothing that can stop it. It hosts a cancer of epic proportions, not only the kind that eats away at your body – it’s also the kind that transforms your soul. Four total strangers from different walks of life will be on a mission, they just don’t know it yet. And the decisions and outcomes of these four unlikely friends will either save or destroy the populace.

Cursed by Red Harvey

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Imogen can see the future, not that it does her much good. When ancient spirits haunt her, seeking re-entry into the human world, she struggles for answers. Yet, it’s only after the spirits succeed in using Imogen’s body as their new vessel that her real journey to save the Earth begins. Imogen’s gift makes her vulnerable to spirits that desire reincarnation. When she moves back to Graydon, she begins a new life. And Imogen’s new boyfriend, Rafe, seems to know more about her powers than she does… Once another psychic informs Imogen of her impending death, she tries everything she can think of to prevent it, even as she knows her fate is inevitable. Once she’s dead, Imogen’s true test of character is how she can stop the body-thieving demons from destroying all of mankind. “Cursed” is a paranormal horror story fraught with surprises, humor, and old clichés turned on their heads. Readers hunting for a paranormal read with a Buffy-esque twist are sure to enjoy.

Note: Re-release and edit of the 2013 edition

Camylyon-Episode 1* by Michelle De Leon

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Gabrie Jordane and Rakota Toyin are partners in life and partners against crime. In the premier episodes of the series Camylyon, an investigation of a Bolivian arms dealer leads to the discovery of a dangerous female drug manufacturer and trouble with the Chinese mafia. The couple and their Extraordinary Abilities Bureau take the fight all the way to Dubai for an epic battle which is only the beginning.

*Other episodes to be released in 2017

Annual Anthology

Available free for download/Available for purchase on Lulu

Nuff Said’s 2015 anthology release of speculative fiction, comprised of new writers and contest winners like Rachel Cohen’s “Special”.