Red Harvey

Writer, teacher, and student. Red lives in Atlanta and has several published novels, like the Wattpad serial Obsolution, Daughter of Zeus, and A Gray Life. Her next release is a reprint of her first novel, Cursed, which became available in August 2016.


E.A. Comiskey

This lazy hippy mama (with the website to match) is a Michigan resident, NanoWriMo participant, and fantasy writer extraordinaire. Her first novel, More Things in Heaven and Earth, released in 2016, leading to the Heaven and Earth trilogy. The third in the series, Loving in Heaven and Earth, is available now!

Her stand-alone novel, A List of Thirteen, will be available for pre-order soon.

Visit her various social media links and get to know this one of a kind writer.

Rod Martinez

Rod is a Tampa-based writer and I.T. professional, with publications under his belt such as Who is the Gray Man, and Three: A Collection of Short Stories. His sci-fi adventure novel,Chasing Butterflies has a projected release date of January 2017. Access his website to learn more about this promising indie writer!


Michelle De Leon

Michelle is a native of The Bronx whose first three titles were published by Zane via her Simon and Schuster imprint, Strebor Books International. Independently, she’s published inspirational fiction, non-fiction and a stage play. From P.S 85 to the City College of New York, De Leon’s favorite subject has always been creative writing. She is currently honing her skills and preparing to release more super hero stories, romance and screenplays. Her latest project, the Camylyon series, will be released in August 2017.




R. Malak

Rashed an Egyptian by birth living in Australia. He has spent most of life searching for a career path to follow. He has worked in cafés, taught in schools, worked for a news agency, written articles, and lastly, helped children with schoolwork.

He grew up reading novels by Robert Jordan, David Gemmell, R.A.A Salvatore, and William Johnstone. Robert Jordan is by far and away his greatest inspiration and guiding light.





Jay Northearn

After cutting his teeth as an artist in the 1990s computer games industry, Jay returned to
traditional media and has produced imagery for licensing and abstract art for wall-art

He lives with his wife, Julia, in a UK market town which can be traversed without
blisters, or spending money if taking the park-route.

New to fiction writing, Jay’s will to continue was boosted on an E-sharing platform and
Featured status from his first Chapter. Not so new to Fantasy in various media, he has an
enviable collection of fantasy-art books sneaked in among Rothko and Kandinsky.

Kathryn Wells

Kathryn Wells is a writer of fantasy, children’s fiction, short stories and poetry.

As a child, she found her passion for the written word, and even though she had many other interests growing up, writing was always the one she would return to. Her stories are often laugh out loud funny, with plenty of magic and as many whimsical touches as possible, but if you look closely, darkness often lurks between the lines…

Her favourite authors are Diana Wynne Jones, Suzanne Collins, Jonathan Stroud, Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, Cornelia Funke and David Eddings, to name but a few.

Twitter: @KaptainKat90
Facebook: Author Kathryn Wells
Goodreads: Kathryn Wells

Alan L. Corbett

Corbett was born in Birmingham England in 1943. His family, like so many others at the time, were poor. However, he experienced a stable and happy upbringing. By fifteen, Corbett had read fifty famous novels. He moved between Birmingham and London till leaving home. Later, Corbett married Shirley, his wife of fifty years plus, in 1967. They have four children and eight grandchildren. Corbett is now retired.

His debut novel, His Nibs, will be released in April of 2019.