Cover Reveal for “Camylyon: The Complete Saga” by Michelle De Leon!


The release date for Camylyon: The Complete Saga is nearly here! 

To further whet your appetite, here’s a first-look at the cover for this superhero serial:

Camylyon Complete Saga_Cover with new hero mock up


Episode One presents Gabrie Jordane and Rakota Toyin, partners in life and partners against crime. In the premier episodes of the series Camylyon, an investigation of a Bolivian arms dealer leads to the discovery of a dangerous female drug manufacturer and trouble with the Chinese mafia. The couple and their Extraordinary Abilities Bureau take the fight all the way to Dubai for an epic battle, which is only the beginning.

Episode Two brings a new plan from Luz and Caden Chen, two bad guys Gabrie Jordane and Rakota Toyin must stop.

Episode Three culminates with new recruits, and a new superhero named HailFire.

Pre-order link!

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