New Release from E.A. Comiskey!

Today marks the launch of Loving in Heaven and Earth, book 3 in the Heaven and Earth Series.

Loving In Heaven and Earth_Final Dragon Cover
Available on Amazon



Born deaf, with the power to control the will of those around her, Jax is raised to be a
killer. When her village is destroyed and she is spared, she’s given a second chance at

Taken in by Hala, a part-demon seeking redemption for his mistakes, and Risa, his
fae wife with a secret ambition for power, Jax embarks on a quest to learn what it means
to live a good life.

When an unexpected rift between the people she loves threatens to tear
her new world apart, she makes a choice that will change the destiny of an entire race.

Buy it now on Amazon, and if you’re a Comiskey fan like we are, watch for her next release, a stand-alone fantasy novel, List of Thirteen.

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