New Author: Alan L. Corbett!

Nuff Said welcomes new fantasy writer, Alan L. Corbett. 

The Author Alan L Corbett

Corbett was born in Birmingham England in 1943. His family, like so many others at the time, were poor. However, he experienced a stable and happy upbringing. By fifteen, Corbett had read fifty famous novels. He moved between Birmingham and London till leaving home. Later, Corbett married Shirley, his wife of fifty years plus, in 1967. They have four children and eight grandchildren. Corbett is now retired.

His debut novel, His Nibs, will be released in April of 2019.


Francis finds himself submerged in a world of sexual promiscuity and black magic. He also warrants the attraction of several transsexuals, among them Stella, the devil’s bastard child.

Francis has been tasked with informing the naive Stella of his paternal lineage. In return for this favor, the devil endows Francis with age-reducing soap, and penis-enhancing cream. The devil also gives him a fortune-telling hand mirror, making him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

In order to complete his task, Francis plots with Stella’s girlfriends and the demon Madra, anything to help him convince Stella that he is the devil’s son.

The awkward hilarity culminates in a blow-out at Satan’s London mansion.

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