Non-Fiction Author Highlight: Editorial by J. Clarke

Ruskin, Florida is a small town. Although, according to J. Clarke, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Residents like her have big ideas about what should and shouldn’t be built there.

Below is her response to an article  from The Tampa Bay Times.



Dear Editor of The Tampa Bay Times,

            I am writing this letter to disagree with the construction of Little Harbor, Ruskin, Florida. Building new and fancy homes is detrimental to the surrounding nature and area.

Oh? You never heard of the small town called Ruskin? Trust me, not many have. Ruskin has little-to-nothing to offer its residents. Well, nothing except for grocery stores, banks, and small shops. If you want to go to the mall, you have to drive 30 minutes. Restaurant? 15 minutes.

Building in Little Harbor, Ruskin is a waste of materials. The construction is destroying land, to put up houses that will never sell.


Not to mention, there is a loud and busy marina right across from it. I doubt people will enjoy hearing “beep beep beep” at eight in the morning, every day.

The development company who believes this to be a fantastic idea is Lennar. They consider it reasonable for people to spend $400,000 – $700,000 – for a small amount of land, no yard, and for neighbors to be separated by less than 3 feet.

Lennar is estimating 183 houses will be built on less than a mile of land. Ridiculous!

Maybe Lennar will understand how crazy this is – if they actually read their plan  aloud and thoroughly analyzed it.

Lennar is crazy, and people who buy these cheap homes are even crazier. These homes will never be occupied. And if they are, the residents will not be happy.

A disbelieving resident,
J. Clarke


Read another article from The Tampa Bay Times in which new construction in the Hillsborough area is put under a microscope, especially when compared to the housing crash of 2008. 

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