New Writer, Rashed Abdelmalak

We’re excited to work with writer R. Malak on his speculative novel, The Beginning.


The Beginning is a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and survival.
Set in the future, Talmen, a man of unknown origin wanders through a ravaged world in search of his younger brother, lost to circumstances he cannot recall. Faced with  brutality,death, and pain, he changes. 
Cora, a ranger trained in both stealth and marksmanship, heads out with her new squadron to eliminate a threat to her home, losing friends and battle-brothers along the way. When so much has been lost, she often questions her own motives for fighting.
Togran Ka, a Orc Warlord, finds himself embroiled in Ancient rivalries and blood feuds. His attempts to reunify the Orc clans and adapt to the humans use of weaponry causes division and hate amongst the Orc clans. Having had time to recover from the war, Togran Ka fears the humans will return with a vengeance.
Two siblings abandoned by their parents, Lucy and Rollo make their living selling items they have scavenge and repair to surviving settlements. They’re opposite sides of the same coin: Rollo,  a cheerful boy with the glow of innocence, and  Lucy ,an overprotective cynical woman, who fears the moment her brother will lose his kind heart to the demands of the world.
The Mother, a creature bound within the center of the earth, feels the chains gripping her beneath the earth’s crust weakening. Eager to cleanse the world of all its creatures, she sends forth her imps to clear the path for her return.
THE BEGINNING is a 60,000 word novel, and is the first in the series.
Rashed is an Egyptian by birth living in Australia. In his spare time, he tutors kids at a local Tuition Center, helping with homework and assignments. Much of his time is spent writing stories to post online for people to read. He’s grown up reading novels by Robert Jordan, David Gemmell, R.A.A Salvatore, and William Johnstone.

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