Win a copy of “Cursed”!

Release date: August 30, 2016

On 8/30, Nuff Said will re-release Red Harvey’s paranormal adventure novel, Cursed.

Snag a copy using the entry form below. We heard there might be an Amazon giftcard in the mix, too.



Imogen can see the future, not that it does her much good.

When ancient spirits haunt her, seeking re-entry into the human world, she struggles for answers. Yet, truths are easier to come by only after the spirits succeed in hijacking her body.

Imogen’s gift makes her vulnerable to preternatural influences. Knowing this, she moves back to Graydon to start a new life. However, her childhood friend, Rafe, seems to know more about her powers than she does. He introduces her to another psychic, who foreshadows her death. Even as she knows fate is inevitable, she tries her damnedest to prevent it.

Once she’s dead, Imogen’s true test of character arises when she is forced into stopping the body-thieving demons from destroying all of mankind.

“Cursed” is a paranormal horror story fraught with surprises, humor, and old clichés turned on their heads. Readers hunting for a paranormal read with a Buffy-esque twist are sure to enjoy.

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