Cover Reveal for “Chasing Butterflies”

Can’t get enough of campy, character-driven sci-fi novels? Neither can we, and that’s why Nuff Said is excited to present the cover for Rod Martinez’s novel, Chasing Butterflies!
Cover by Ben Chappelow
Devastation is coming, not just for Palm Creek, Florida – a small town just a few miles from Cape Kennedy and N.A.S.A. – but eventually – it could destroy the entire eastern Florida coast if it isn’t stopped. A predator with mysterious origins and no understanding of its inherent danger is on the prowl with seemingly nothing that can stop it. It hosts a cancer of epic proportions, not only the kind that eats away at your body – it’s also the kind that transforms your soul. Four total strangers from different walks of life will be on a mission, they just don’t know it yet. And the decisions and outcomes of these four unlikely friends will either save or destroy the populace.
Projected release date: January 2017
Genre(s): Science Fiction (Young Adult)
About The Author: 
Rod personal photo
Rod is a Tampa-based writer and I.T. professional, with publications under his belt such as Who is the Gray Man, and Three: A Collection of Short Stories. His sci-fi adventure novel,Chasing Butterflies has a projected release date of January 2017. Access his website to learn more about this promising indie writer!

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