Poet and Fiction Writer, Alexander Zoltai

Alexander M Zoltai - Author

Alexander Zoltai is an emerging writer on Wattpad, and he hosts other writers on his WordPress blog. His poetry and short story collection showcase his unique perspective on life. Nuff Said interviewed Zoltai to discover more about his background and writing:

* How old are you and where did you grow up?

          Nearing 70 and I grew up—beginning with my hometown (which I left at 6 months old)—in Sandusky, Ohio, USA—a bunch more towns in Ohio—Los Angeles, California—various places the Navy sent me, including Viet Nam—California, again—Florida—oops, left out Washington and Oregon—and, now, I’m still growing up back in Ohio—Kettering, to be exact…

* When did you start writing?

          I wrote my first poem, in church, when I was 13. Then it took me till my late 50s to get back to writing…

* What are your degree specialties, and how do they relate (or not) to writing? 

          I’ve specialized in attempting to stay in college—3 times—and learned way more (in astronomy and general sciences, computer science, literature, social studies, comparative religion, various “occult” arts, and psychology) on my own than in any school I’ve attended…

All my studies have, in one way or another, ended up influencing or being included in my writing…

* What is your website about? 

          It’s all about exploring Reading, Writing, And Publishing.

* What about Wattpad lured you in, and what keeps you coming back?

          Well, I signed-up back in 2010 but wasn’t lured in till a few months ago by a video on YouTube.

I decided I could boost folks’ awareness of my own writing by reading their works and leaving sincere comments and votes (when appropriate). Also, giving the folks I think are fairly good a shout-out to my followers; and, inviting certain really good ones to do an interview on my site 🙂

What keeps me coming back is the wonder and magic of all those folks reading and writing and probably thinking about publishing (wondering how many consider that having their writing on Wattpad is being published…).

* Describe your work, but especially your poetry. 


~ I have a short novel, Notes from An Alien—for sale but also free (check the left side-bar on my site…) and being posted to Wattpad.Notes from An Alien

~ I have a collection of Strange Fantasies (also free in the left side-bar of my site and being posted to Wattpad).

~ I have a Future Fable, PlanIt (also free in the left side-bar of my site and being posted to Wattpad).

~ I’ve got a non-fiction book that reveals a unique system for interpreting your own astrological chart (you have to look for it on the Special Resources page of my site).

~ I have two other non-fiction books, Our Evolution ~ Culture and Spirituality, and, Reality (Free at the here are more books that are free to download” link on the “About This Blog” page on my site).

~ And then there’s my poetry book, Is Your Soul In Here? ~ A Poet’s Struggle with God (also free in the left side-bar of my site and being posted to Wattpad) which is my oldest publication, reaching back (through poetry) to some of my darkest days and slowly inching toward a time when I could finally see the Light…

* Describe your ties to spirituality and how it affects your work.

         Well, I was born to two ministers, Mom and Dad, who gave me two very different views of folks trying to be spiritual—Mom was way better at it…

I lived one hell of a life, always believed in God (but, kept that belief well penned-in and ignored), got in lots of trouble trying to “make it” in our greedy, materialistic world…

At 42, I had a spiritual break-through and found my Faith…

Since then, I’ve been trying to live up to it…

All my writing, in one way or another, is influenced by my Faith; but, my novel, Notes from An Alien, is the most “explicit” example…


Alex’s Site

Alex’s Wattpad page

Alex on Twitter

Alex on Google Plus



3 thoughts on “Poet and Fiction Writer, Alexander Zoltai

  1. Alex, thanks for such an interesting interview. When you were “wondering how many consider that having their writing on Wattpad is being published…” I detected what I would call a more expansive view of ‘publishing’ than simply being picked up by a ‘traditional publisher’. Would you care to elaborate on that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, Jane…

      Many years ago, before I was writing seriously (yet still hearing “the call”…), I’d learned that mailing one’s self a copy of a manuscript, by registered mail (to have it dated), and not opening it was sufficient proof for a copyright case… the manuscript was “published”.

      Later, I learned that any rendering of a manuscript that let others see it was “publishing”…

      As far as the common use of published being “picked up by a traditional publisher”, that is now made less than a complete definition by self-publishing…

      Ultimately, since social fashions and technology change faster than most word definitions, you could just apply what the Oxford says: “Make generally known; declare or report openly; announce; disseminate”.


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