Winners of the 2015 Annual Short Story Contest

This year, it was hard to choose one winner for the short story contest. The response was over-whelming, with so many stories to consider. Among the entries were tales of inter-dimensional turmoil, paranormal wanderings, and dystopian trauma. After thorough deliberations, the judges concluded the winner to be “Special” by Rachel Cohen!

Comments from a few of the judges:

It was like reading a script and story line from the old Twilight Zone series. To the author, I give kudos for throwing a lot of deep thinking and on edge plot revelation. The story moved seamlessly along just like a TV episode. I recommend this author to look into screen writing.”

“I was happy to read the character development in Isa. She goes from a dependent, uneducated human to a woman who finds herself to be intelligent, cunning, and is able to make her own decisions. This story plot is very intriguing for a short story. While the ending was a little abrupt, I would like to see the outcome of Gabriel and Isa’s story.” 

Cohen will be featured on the cover of the upcoming anthology, as well as receiving first billing.

A complete list of the winners is as follows:

1st place: “Special” by Rachel Cohen

2nd place: “The Girl Who Understood” by Christina Tang-Bernas

3rd place: “Constant Change” by Diana M.

Alternate runner-ups

“Somewhere Sings About the Sky [A Digital Fable, or Une Fable Digital]” by Joseph Pravda

“Twenty Twelve” by Steven Spellman

“Catherine’s Crystal” Abigail Gagne

“The Return” by Tahnee Kirk

Each winner and runner-up is eligible for a publication in the anthology.

A special thanks to the judges for your time, and thank you to all the entrants!


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